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Distinctions and Awards

Honors and Awards

  • Deputy Governor, Board of Governors of the American Biographical Institute Research Association (1995)
  • Order of International Ambassadors, Ambassador, Medal (ABI 1995)
  • The International Cultural Diploma of Honour (ABI)
  • Gold Record of Achievement (ABI 1995)
  • Man of the Year Commemorative Medal (ABI 1995)
  • World Lifetime Achievement Award (ABI 1995)
  • Honorary Advisor on the Research Board of Advisors, International Division - ABI (1996)
  • Order of International Fellowship, IBC Cambridge (1995)
  • The International Women of the Year, IBC Cambridge (1995-96)
  • Advisor, IBC Advisory Council, IBC Cambridge (1996)
  • 20th Century Award for Achievement, IBC Cambridge (1996)
  • World Who’s Who Hall of Fame, IBC Cambridge (1996)
  • Trranslation Award in the Field of Humanitarian Literature from the Union of Bulgarian Translators, Sofia 1996

Listed in:

  • Who's Who in the World
  • Dictionary of International Biography
  • The International Who's Who of Intellectuals
  • 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century
  • 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century
  • 2000 Outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century
  • 2000 Outstanding Europeans of the 21st Century
  • The World Who's Who in Women
  • International Who's Who of Professional and Business Women
  • Five Thousand Personalities of the World
  • The International Book of Honor
  • Most Admired Men and Women of the Year
  • International Leaders in Achievement
  • Five Hundred Leaders of Influence
  • International Directory of Distinguished Leadership
  • International Who's Who of Contemporary Achievement
  • Outstanding People of the 20th Century
  • Order of International Fellowship
  • World Who’s Who Hall of Fame
  • Who is Who in Österreich, Hübners Who Is Who (2010)
  • Who is Who der europäischen Frauen (Erstausgabe, Oktober 2010)

Other Listings:

  • "Raynova, Ivanka", in: A. Stamatov e.a. (Ed.) The Bulgarian Philosophical Culture in the 19-20th Centuries. A biographical and bibliographical reference work (Bulgarskata filosofska kultura pres XIX-XX vek. Biografichno-bibliografski spravochnik) LIK, Sofia, 2000, p. 199.
  • "One of the New Faces of Bulgarian Philosophical Thought. A Review of the Writings of Ivanka Raynova" by Tatyana Batuleva. In: Bulgarian Philosophical Thought. A Special Issue of Studies in East European Thought, vol. 53, 2001, pp. 129-132.
  • Expertinnen Datenbank des Österreichischen Journalistinnenkongress

Recent Publications:

Yvanka B. Raynova: Lebenswelt und Werte. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2014 (in prep).

Yvanka B. Raynova: Feministische Philosophie in europäischem Kontext: Gender-Debatten zwischen "Ost" und "West". Wien, Köln, Weimar: Böhlau, 2010

Yvanka B. Raynova: Être et être libre: Deux «passions» des philosophies phénoménologiques. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2010

Yvanka B. Raynova: Between the Said and the Unsaid. In Conversation with Paul Ricoeur. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2009.

Yvanka B. Raynova, Vesselin Petrov (eds.): Being and Knowledge in Postmetaphysical Context. Wien: IAF, 2008.

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